Benefits of Laughter Yoga

There are numerous benefits of laughter, many of which are so self-evident, we often forget.  For example, just think of the warm glow you enjoyed last time you enjoyed a great laugh with a friend.  Remember the connections you make with people by sharing a joke.  And how much friendlier people are when they smile and laugh with you.  Yes, Laughter is an amazing thing even just for our mood!

Even more benefits of Laughter

Benefits of Laughter to connect usBut beyond the most obvious benefits with how you’re feeling, there are some key scientific and medical benefits to laughter:

For example, scientists have discovered that long deep hearty belly laughter produces Endorphins, the “feel-good” hormone.  And Endorphins don’t only help us feel great – they are also help to reduce pain.

Laughter releases other hormones too – and these are excellent at suppressing the stress hormone Cortisol… thus helping us be more resistant to the ill effects of bad stress.

Laughter can also help to lower blood pressure after laughing. (Note:  Blood pressure is raised whilst laughing, but drops soon after, and it drops below the original measurement)

Laughter enables us to inhale more oxygen.  As the brain needs approximately 25% more oxygen, it is a fabulous tool for both brain and body to enjoy a burst of oxygen to our cells.

And combining Laughter with deep Yogic breathing means we can take in even more oxygen to flood our bodies with it.

With the added oxygen and immune boosting properties of Laughter, it’s a positive boon to our health.  (Laughter has been shown to increase the amount of NK cells – the “Natural Killer” cells that actively help our bodies fight diseases – Berks & Tan 1996)

And then there’s the therapeutic massage effects of laughter – a great belly laugh can help to massage our internal organs, and give the diaphragm, abdominal, intercostals, respiratory accessory, and facial muscles a complete workout.

So, how does this all come together with Laughter Yoga?

Learning laughter yoga can help you access laughter quickly in times of need. Remember that on average adults only laugh 6 times a day!  Well how many more times can you laugh by attending a laughter club?

Laughter Yoga encourages you to get in touch with your inner child, to embrace playfulness and find every opportunity to laugh.  In addition it creates the perfect setting for you to meet people and make friends, and make connections with people on a deep and meaningful level.

Finally, Laughter Yoga also involves a period of relaxation or “grounding” – something that all too often, we simply forget to give to ourselves.

Dr Kataria School of Laughter Yoga

So, for all the benefits of Laughter, accompanied with a fun event and relaxation, laughter yoga is an excellent choice.

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