We offer a range of training programmes to suit you or your business.  From Laughter training to stress management training, we can deliver a varied programme of bespoke training, in addition to a world-renowned programme in Laughter Yoga.

Laughter Yoga Training

Join one of our weekend Laughter Yoga Leader trainings to become a certified Laughter Yoga Leader yourself!
From there you can get insured to deliver Laughter Yoga sessions yourself, whether you set up in business purely working with laughter, or bring it into your existing practice, therapy or training organisation.


Stress Management Training

Learn which stress is good stress, and which is bad – and how to manage them to suit your own needs.  Stress can be a major issue in today’s pressurised living, and whether its cause is personal, business or both,  we need to take responsibility to live effectively and maximise the benefits of each of them.

Workshops include:

  • Stress Management Toolkit
  • Stress, Laughter and Breathing
  • Business stress management


Facilitation and laughter training

Whether you would like to learn how to use laughter training to enhance your workplace or your life… or to facilitate meetings with greater effectiveness… or you’d simply like to train to become a Laughter Yoga Leader for community initiatives, then we can help:

Our Laughter Facilitator Training courses will start from December 2012.  We offer bespoke laughter facilitation and open Laughter Yoga courses.

Learn how laughter can help create greater personal relationships and working bonds, improve wellbeing at work, boost communications skills, and facilitate more effective training courses.

For more about out training programmes and workshops, please see our Laughter Yoga Training pages

Programmes include:

  • Laughter Yoga Leader trainings
  • Laughter Facilitation Training
  • Laughter as part of your own Training
  • Laughter and Breathing workshops

For more information please contact us at .  We are delighted to create workplace and bespoke courses to support your business.

“Amazing! You are so amazing! I cannot believe the gradual and palpable daily incremental benefits of your teaching and guidance. Thank you for ever . Much love” – Beccy Ji Rogers.

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