Laughter training for your business

Now, we’re not saying that business is always a laughing matter – but it’s certainly not a matter for 100% stress or seriousness either.  Great business requires a balance.  Unfortunately many businesses can quickly get out of balance if something upsets the status quo.  At these times usually the greatest emphasis is put on seriousness, which in itself can cause a further downward spiral of stress.  Laughter Training can help.

Hand waving help, stressed, laughter training can help.

Stressed? Laughter Yoga can be part of your stress management toolkit

Ask yourself:

  • Would you rather deal with a business/supplier that is managed by cheerful people?
  • Would you rather speak to a cheery, happy, sales person or customer service representative… or a dour miserable individual?
  • Who would you want to work with?  Someone who is friendly, approachable and always happy to see the better side of things?  Or someone who is usually down in the dumps, a nay-sayer, whose own stress is just too overwhelming?

It’s proven time and again that people like to work with friendly, smiley people.  Not only are the friendliest, most overtly smiley people most likely to get a job at interview, but when it comes to these successful people getting on with the job, they are also more likely to get others to help and support them.  Simply put: we would rather help someone who is friendly and warm…

And what could be friendlier or warmer than Laughter Yoga training?  Laughter Yoga in a business context is excellent for ensuring that “smiles becomes your default setting”.   Rather than stressing or complaining, with Laughter Yoga, it can help you see the lighter side of life, enabling you to get on with what really matters. Helping customers, making a difference, instead of just stressing about how things should be.

Creative Laughter offers a range of transformative business laughter training, including:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Stress management toolkit
  • Laughter Facilitation Training – for your inhouse trainers/managers
  • Laughter Coaching – for when you need to lighten the load

We can offer in-house training at your business or venue, or you can book onto one of our open courses.  Please ask us for a quotation.

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