Science of Laughter and links

With so many studies and so much research about the Science of Laughter, there are numerous resources to find out more about the scientific benefits of laughter.  From physical improvements (eg: Norman Cousins) to mood and emotional benefits.  Laughter brings a wealth of benefits.

Science of Laughter

The links that follow are taken from a number of sources.  If there are important links you feel we’ve missed, please let us know.

Laughter Yoga in business – it’s seriously good!


Study Finds Body’s Response to Repetitive Laughter is Similar to The Effect of Repetitive Exercise

Loads of great info on Laughter:

Not high-brow, but raised brows!

Great for kids:

“Scientists Hint at why Laughter Feels so good”:

Laughter Yoga as Laughter Therapy:

Laughter Yoga for healing:

The biology of Joy:,9171,1015863,00.html

The funny thing about laughter:,9171,1015917,00.html

Stress and business – excellent article here:!


Finally, enough of the science – Laughter Yoga is about laughter for no reason – but if you also like a quick chortle, here’s a list of “brain-jokes” – enjoy.

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