Laughter Therapy

Laughter as a therapy

Laughter Therapy is coming of age. With so many therapies available to all of us from aromatherapy to reflexology, it’s often difficult to decide which therapy is right for you.

Relaxation after Laughter Therapy

Relaxation after one-to-one laughter therapy

The favourite commendation for Laughter Therapy, is its potential integration into existing therapies.  Laughter as a method of stress release or emotional connection, is incredibly strong, so added to other therapies it can boost their effectiveness and become a transformative force for connectedness.

Having worked with a number of therapists involved in the mind and energy therapies of EFT, CBT, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, reflexology, accupressure and NLP, I’m always impressed at how they integrate the benefits of laughter therapy into their existing offerings.

They report frequent and fast changes, and often a swift “lightening” of client mood, which can help to access further and deeper transformations.

Laughter as its own therapy is also (as one would expect) very powerful, and can often work alone as a coaching process and in a group as a group therapy.

One thing is for sure – however one uses Laughter as a therapy, it brings a flexibility, lightness and connectedness to the therapy setting.  Far from being a frivolous activity, Laughter Therapy can become a deep and far-reaching means of accessing emotions that can bring about deep and lasting positive change.

Find a Laughter Therapist

We train a number of laughter therapists each year.  Sometimes Laughter Therapists are also already trained in a number of other therapies, so you can enjoy a “menu” of therapies that is tailored to your needs. To find a Laughter Therapist to suit your needs, please contact us

Train in Laughter Therapy

Take a two-day training programme in Laughter Leadership, to add Laughter to your therapy business.  A powerful and engaging course that will enable you to become a qualified and certificated therapist in Laughter Yoga, will include your certification as a Laughter Coach.  One-to-One sessions can then be offered, in addition to Laughter Events which can boost your therapy practice.

See our training page for more details.

Open Laughter Therapy training courses are held in the South West of England, and can be delivered at your premises throughout the UK, subject to numbers.

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