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Since Dr Kataria founded Laughter Yoga in 1997 it has swiftly grown worldwide.  Laughter Yoga has spread to most areas of the world and now in the UK,  Laughter Yoga UK is widespread.  The UK gained its first Laugh

ter Yoga Leader (now a Master Trainer) around 2005.  Many laughter clubs and laughter yoga trainings now exist around the UK.

From community laughter clubs to trainings, conferences, events.  Fringe trainings like gibberish and Laughter coaching, also Laughter Therapy.

Below  are just a few of the Laughter Yoga experts that we have worked with.

South East/London Laughter Yoga UK

Lotte Mikkelsen

0800 1214714


Julie Whitehead


East of England Laughter Yoga UK

Linda Nightingale


North East England Laughter Yoga

Lotte Mikkelsen



North West England Laughter Yoga UK

Robin Graham


Salford, Greater Manchester, M3 7FS, United Kingdom


South West England Laughter Yoga UK

Sue Haswell

01626 864458

Dawlish, UK

Laughter Yoga UK Associations

Laughter Yoga is presided over by Laughter Yoga International, which is still owned and run by Dr Kataria.  For regional events, conferences and trainings, please see Laughter Association UK.

Laughter Yoga International:

Laughter Association UK

(Please note: Creative Laughter does not endorse or promote any trainer/club over another)

Laughter Yoga UK Conferences and Trainings

There are a number of Laughter Yoga UK Conferences, trainings, and meet-ups.  If you are thinking of training, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Laughter Yoga community in the UK is very supportive and a friendly space to work.

Often a national Laughter conference will be held in London, or Manchester.


Working in the Laughter Yoga UK field

Our leaders and trainers are knowledgeable and keen to promote Laughter Yoga.  Laughter Yoga is a fabulous was to improve our mental and physical health,  our sociability, our wellbeing and our communities.  A trained Laughter Yoga leader is usually passionate about Laughter and wellbeing.  They will be commited to spreading the word about Laughter.  And full of information and helpful advice.


To gain more information about Laughter Yoga in and around the UK, please email Sue Haswell for more information:  sue @ (no spaces)


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