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Find out more about Laughter Yoga Devon based firm Creative Laughter explains…

Creative Laughter offers Laughter training, and training using Laughter.  We are certificated Laughter Yoga Teachers and Leaders, and are working with a number of organisations and individuals to make Laughter Yoga available throughout Devon and the South West.

What is Laughter Yoga?

The benefits of laughter are clear…increased endorphins, improved mood, reduced stress, pain control, immunity boosted, greater productivity and creativity, socially connecting, helps through challenges…. etc   Laughter Yoga is about combining all the benefits of laughter, with deep yogic breathing and relaxation.

Laughter Yoga circle logoThe history of Laughter Yoga?

Established by a medical doctor in 1995 (Dr Madan Kataria), Laughter Yoga now has a great following with over 10,000 laughter yoga clubs in over 70 countries world wide.  Here’s the low-down: Laughter Yoga is a unique exercise for body and mind, that involves laughter without the use of humour or comedy.  Instead it relies on childlike games, movement and eye contact, to create fun and contagious laughter that soon becomes deep and heart-felt.

Laughter Yoga exercises bring together laughter with deep Yogic breathing, in order to get the most benefit from this added surge of oxygen when we laugh.

Laughter Yoga also works, because it’s a scientific fact that the body cannot distinguish between real and simulated laughter, when laughter is intended.  So we can enjoy the benefits of laughter whether we’re faking it or not (and fake laughter usually turns into real laughter anyway!)

Learn Laughter Yoga in DevonWoman Laughing in Laughter Yoga

The rationale behind Laughter Yoga is clear.  It’s about enjoying the health and mood benefits of laughter in a sustained way.  So why not do this in our day-to-day life?   Well, of course we can, however joining a Laughter Club means we get even greater benefits.  Consider:

Science indicates that to get the most benefit from laughter we need to be laughing for 15-20 minutes a day, and it needs to be deep, hearty laughter.  Normally with social laughter, a polite titter is all we manage… and that may only last for a few seconds.  It takes a lot of polite laughter to add up to that magic figure of 15-20 minutes.

Then there is the quality of the laugh.  A polite chuckle is a far cry from the deep belly laughter that gives us the most benefits.  This deep belly laugh massages internal organs and ensures we take in even more oxygen.  So by meeting others in a social laughter group, we can enjoy longer sessions of deep hearty laughter, interspersed by deep yogic breathing. Oh, and it’s fun!

Then there are the times in our lives when we simply find it difficult to laugh.  Deep stress, sorrow or problems, can often make laughter hard to do – and conversely this is precisely the time when we most need to laugh to release stress and give ourselves a boost.   With Laughter Yoga, we’re making a commitment to laughter, which helps guarantee we get our full quota of laughter. And when we realise the benefits of laughter to ourselves and others, it can become much easier to access when it’s most needed.

Interested?  Want to know more?

Find out how to train in Laughter Yoga in Devon, to set up your own Laughter Yoga Clubs, use it within your own business or service.   Creative Laughter Yoga Devon offers certificated Laughter Yoga  Leader trainings, in and around Devon.  See our Laughter Yoga Training page for more details

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