Stress Management

From time to time we can all feel “stressed” and need to dig deep for robust stress management Stressed womantechniques.  However stress isn’t always bad…  There is a sliding scale of stress that ranges from eustress (positive, good, inspiring and empowering stress) through to distress (powerlessness, frozen, negative stress).

We need stress to live our lives – after all, without positive stress (known as eustress) we wouldn’t feel inspired to tackle problems, or to make changes in our lives.  We wouldn’t enjoy the thrill of a job well done, or of rising above a challenge.

When you just can’t cope…

The real issue arises when the level of stress we experience, surpasses the levels of stress we can cope with.   And these can change at any given time.   For example, on one day you may feel on top of the world, and able to take on anything.  Something that might usually “stress” you, is nothing more than a minor irritation and you can tackle it readily.

On another day you may feel totally overwhelmed.  The areas of your life that carry stress seem to have combined together to cause you extreme distress, and you don’t know which way to turn.

Stress Management Training

This is where stress management training can be a vital part of your personal and business success.   Armed with the tools and information surrounding stress, enables you to take a step away from the stressors – giving you the emotional distance to make an objective decision.  By removing the emotions from a situation, you can become more peaceful and empowered, making the choices you need… sometimes even just realising that you DO have a choice.


Creative Laughter offers a range of stress management training.  From open courses to inhouse courses and training within organisations.

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There’s much being written about stress and business at the moment, the media is flooded with news.  And here’s one of the best –!

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