Laughter Therapy Training

If you are already a therapist, holistic practitioner or life-coach, Laughter Therapy Training can bring a whole new dimension to your practice.

Many therapists get great results from using Laughter Therapy at the end of their coaching or therapy sessions. Others still offer Laughter Therapy as a separate but integrated therapy.  It can lighten the mood, be excellent for self-esteem and confidence building, and can support and embed many other therapies such as counselling, coaching, CBT, hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP.

Laughter Therapy can work in groups or as a series of one-to-one sessions. In this training, we cover both the Laughter Group sessions, and also give a full session focusing on one-to-one Laughter Coaching, with a full “How To” process of the transformative Laughter Coaching 8-week schedule.

The training is fully certificated so you will be qualified, certificated and insurable to deliver Laughter Yoga Clubs, and Laughter Yoga one-to-one sessions.

In addition you will receive a full manual on Laughter Yoga Leader training, plus a full manual outlining the Laughter Coaching one-to-one sessions (this is exclusive to Creative Laughter).

This training will provide you with:

  • Laughter Yoga Manual
  • Certificate of Attendance for insurance purposes
  • Creative Laughter CPD certificate
  • One of a selection of Laughter CDs
  • The Exclusive Creative Laughter one-to-one coaching/therapists guidelines
  • Membership of the Laughter Yoga Prozone area
  • Free attendance to the Creative Laughter Community Laughter events for up to six months.

Next course will be in June 2013, South Devon

Course cost:  £200 with Earlybird discount of £55.

To book on this event, please register your interest by calling: 01626 864458 or email us at:

NOTE:  As with all Laughter Courses, prepare for a major change of perspective.  There’s something about participating in two solid days of laughter, that can flip your mind into taking life, well more lightly!  It’s a fabulous feeling, and one that can create great connections, renew your zest for living, access higher levels of wellbeing and a long-lasting warm fuzzy glow… so prepare yourself to fully enjoy – JOY!







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